The Rotalia Foundation has been one of the biggest supporters of higher education for Estonian students. We’ve supported Estonian students with scholarships since 1988, and over the years the number of scholarships we’ve awarded has grown from 20 to 50 scholarships per year, and the scholarship amount increasing from 1000 to 2000.

Bruno and Helge Laane, and Herbert Rebassoo each have special scholarships named after them for the contributions they’ve made to the Rotalia Foundation.

For the current year, we are awarding 50 scholarships at 2000 each.


  • For applicants who are pursuing a Baccalaureate Degree, the applicant must have completed at least 1 year with high Academic standing.

  • For applicants pursuing Master's or Doctor's Degree, the applicant must have a Baccalaureate or Master's Degree with high academic standing.

  • Two scholarships are specifically set aside to be awarded to graduates of Nȍmme High School with high academic standing. These two dedicated scholarships are awarded each year as a special request by donors Bruno and Helge Laan of Los Angeles, California.

  • Prior to receiving the grant award, the applicant must produce evidence of having been enrolled for the 2017 academic year in one of the following Universities or Institutions: Tartu University, Tallinn University, Tallinn Technical University, Estonian Agricultural University, Estonian Arts Institute, and Estonian Music and Performing Arts Institute.


Application form can be obtained by contacting Sirje Mark, Tartu University, Űlikooli 18, Room 120, 50090 Tartu, Estonia.  Application due dates and recipient announcements will be posted in news.

Selection Process

All scholarship applications will be reviewed, evaluated and scored by the scholarship selection committee composed of professors and administrators from prestigious academic institutions in Estonia.