Vaho Rebassoo


In his career as a technologist and executive in Information Technology, Vaho has had leadership roles on major projects such as the new Pentagon Telecommunications Center, the 5ESS first digital telephone/data switch developed by Bell Telephone Laboratories, and the replacement of all Boeing telephone service with modern switches, phones, wiring, and transmission equipment, where he was Program Manager. 
As Director of Network Technology at Boeing in the 1990’s, he led the company-wide introduction of internet, cellular, WiFi, web, email, and collaboration services, among other initiatives. From 2000 on, he served as Chief Technology Officer for Boeing IT, and was responsible for architecture and strategic planning for IT. He is now retired from Boeing after 25 years of service. 
As a result of his Estonian parents fleeing the Soviets toward in World War II,
Vaho was born after the war in a refugee camp in Augsburg, Germany. As the family immigrated to the US, he grew up in Decorah, Iowa, a Norwegian college and farming town. Through the recruitment efforts of the Des Moines Register he received a scholarship to Phillips Academy, Andover.  He went on to Harvard for a BA, and then the University of Washington for an MA and PhD in Mathematics. Between those degrees he served in the US Army Strategic Telecommunications Command.
Vaho has served on numerous Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards, including the Washington Technology Alliance Board, and advisory boards at the Department of State, the Federal Communications Commission, the National Academy of Sciences, and the University of Washington MBA Program. 
He is currently on the Board of the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences and is the Chairman of the Board of the Rotalia Foundation, an organization that supports education and culture of the Estonian people.